Hello Hello!!

Hello all and thanks for getting this thing going. I am available as marinarpost on Skype or malinki8 for iChat. I am on FB as well. I will figure out a way to share some images. I used to have an album on FB till I found out if you post it, they own it.

So here are some of the creative ways I express myself:

I make Limoncello.

I take photographs

I keep bees and enjoy honey.

I creatively construct my living space.

I have painted many cars.

I work at a sketchbook sometimes.

Sometimes I document my life in artistic visual efforts.

I look forward to making much more art in my life especially with this fun group!


  1. Yah and she sews, mosaics, paints, cooks, raises boys, gardens and does 101 other passionately pursued creative explorings. Then there's all her energy and healing work, lol.

  2. Wow,MoonMama,
    You're busier than your bees.
    Are you one of those people who can get buy with four hours of sleep each night?
    Is Hesper really a reformed bird snatcher?

  3. You keep bees! That's one thing I so want to do.. Where did you learn how?

  4. oh boy! another art car person :) and so many activities...i feel like such a lazy butt. haha.

    hey, can you tell your bee friends that it saddens me they show their gratitude for being saved from death by drowning in a pool, or pool of gravy by presenting me with their stinger. that kind of defeats the purpose of me rescuing their cute furry little butts. thanks.