I have seen Marti and Keiko's artwork, but I haven't seen anyone else's! How about posting links to, or examples of some of your work?! I'd love to see how everyone creates.

Here's some examples of mine:
My favorite photographs taken on a frosty morning in Scotland.
A monotype I created years ago.
Silent Thought a film montage.
Water (a short film)
Moments Between Moments (a short film using 8mm home movies my grandfather took in the '60s)
The Story of Daphne and Apollo
Lileane (vector illustration)
As you can tell, most of this list is old work, because my most recent creation takes up all my time.


  1. your most recent creation the best leann! ;)

    and i too would love to see other's creations. which for now i guess would just be you namowal. i looked at your blog with the cute illos...and have to say you're fucking funny! quackquack :)

  2. I'm "f^@%ing funny?" You made my day, meowkami. :)

  3. Pardon the extra post- but I have to second what meowkami said about Lean's kids. Cute!