i'm a sagitarius!

i really don't know to explain this one. but its finally done after sitting on my table for a month.

in honor of horse-mama marti. and i also blame leann for introducing me to charlie and setting me straight...i used to think rainbows came from unicorns barfing when in fact they come from unicorns farting! and not just regular rainbows or even the magical double rain--!!! i just realized those double rainbows come from! food poisoning if you get my drift.

so here we have my asstrological sign armed with a silver spoon instead of a bow and arrow...better to fling poo with. in magical pre-centaur glory! farting a rainbow of glitter and pooping out pink frosted corn eyed donuts to dance joyfully under the sprinkles of gltter.

although i say i'm done...i feel its still missing something. or maybe there are too many donuts. it definitely needs to be fixed. for days i dreaded putting the sprinkles in...and once i did i hated how it looked. i want kawaii donuts dammit! this is where i'm wishing i knew how to draw on the computer vs having to do corrections with acrylics. i could throw in a mirror image rainbow from the mouth with ease and edit out all the donuts and just put in one with a cute arrangement of sprinkles to dance off.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
    WAY hilarious!

  2. I think after much more contemplation, that the donuts are just too squished. Unicorns would poop perfectly beautiful donuts. :P The poor things look terrified!

  3. And.. this should SO be a t-shirt design! Get that CafePress store up!

  4. hahahaha they DO look terrified! hahahaha.

    and i agree with the perfect pooped donut. that just might be where i went wrong. and it would make it a good design for a shirt. but then again this isn't exactly a regular uni. heehee.

  5. thanks marti!
    you cracking up made my night. almost forgot to tell you :)

  6. So this is where donuts come from.
    Now I'm wondering about Hostess DingDongs.

  7. i would LOVE to know where ding dongs come from!