rambling on about myself

i'm so pleased to meet you namowal and moonmama!  i am really excited about this grand idea marti has conceived.  so thank you marti for giving birth to something wonderful and inviting me along for the ride!  and of course, thank you leann for providing a place for us to nurture it so it will grow into some crazy wonderful place!

i love that everyone is so multi-talented!!  and i can't wait to see everyone's creations when we all tackle the same subject.  that will be a trip for sure :)

..and i would like you all to know that i do not mean to offend anyone with my potty mouth and weird sense of humor [and by weird i mean strange and also naughty].  well...maybe inappropriate is a better word.  this is best illustrated by some of my most recent paintings.  it was amusing to me to tear up a hello kitty coloring book to reconstruct new scenes....like pearl harbor kitty [internment camp kitty and kamikaze kitty are in my art folder on fb]

things like this happen because i'm japanese american.  i absolutely love my ja heritage and love love love japanese culture.  i just have issues with being ja.  although i'm the first one to poke fun.  this is probably because i was born on pearl harbor day.  so...pretty much all of my art will have some japanese or asian influence and hidden gems.  like the other two paintings i did within the last 2 weeks.  i just made this catbus manekineko...and before that a totoro daruma.

oh yes, i also love food.  i still think about following a culinary career and making art that way.  i used to be a sushi chef...but for now i just experiment with bacon recipes and do things like make peep sushi. 

i also sometimes talk way too much.  like now.  which is probably because i got all wound up from work tonight in addition to taking some excederin tension pills for a crappy headache...so i'm now a little loopy and wired from the caffeine in there.  because i like you all...i will spare you and now direct you to my website if you'd like to see what other kinds of art i make.  www.meowkami.com 

so anyway...i am really looking forward to see what you all are creating for the club!  especially since i love what everyone has already been doing.  my first official piece is in the works and has been inspired by marti.  so that's coming soon!  oh yeah, and this cat doesn't like using the caps button.


  1. Hello Kitty bombing Pearl Harbor?
    I like how you think.

    The I like your manekineko and daruma too.

    (I drew a kuchisake-onna picture that you may find amusing.)

    I'm looking forward to more posts from you (and from the others!)

  2. thanks namowal! i liked your version of kuchisake-onna...fits your alter ego. which made me laugh because it was your child version---oops. just lost my train of thought because the next iron chef just started. haha.

  3. oh, i also wanted you to know that i loved how i learned something from you!! i had actually never heard of the kuchisake-onna folklore. i love that kind of stuffs. don't be surprised if somewhere down the road you see me try a rendition :)

  4. I have a friend who is a peep who is going to LOVE your peep sushi! I personally am in love with apples as bombs. That is MY kind of war weapon.